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I love how certain photographs elicit unexpected emotions, thoughts, daydreams. I have always enjoyed photographic art, but I am only recently learning how to become a photographer. Now I am struck not only by the results of being behind a lens, but also and particularly by how powerful it is to be doing so. Bending low to the ground wasn’t enough for me the day I took this shot, it required me being on my belly.  I got into position and began shooting, oblivious to any dirt getting on my shirt, or how silly it might have looked for a 46-year old woman to be lying on the ground in a public place with her camera, shooting what probably appeared to be an ordinary expanse of green grass. In an instant, my camera unwittingly transported me out of the realm of caring about what someone else (might have) thought, and into a surreal place of great beauty and peace. For this, I am grateful.