Their love had come mid-life, after both of them had experienced enough joy and enough hardship to know what they wanted; to know that this kind of love usually only happened once, and that they had found it in each other. There were those who shunned them for dismantling two lives that seemed, from the outside, to be perfect, but they didn’t care. Each day they burnished their love by nurturing each other with their time, their devotion, their affection, and their passion, refusing to be apart more than was absolutely necessary.

It was true that they got little sleep, so interested in talking and touching each evening that they lost track of time and found that morning came shortly after they had reluctantly closed their eyes. It came as no surprise to their closest friends; those who had stuck by their sides through it all, when Robert took his last breath at the exact moment that Sophie uttered the last words that she would ever speak: I love you Robert; see you soon.

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12 thoughts on “One

  1. *sniffles*
    I’m conflicted. I get the sense that these two might have been a wee selfish in obtaining their happily ever after and yet they love each other so completely I can’t help but tear up.
    Nicely done.

    1. Thank you for reading with your heart. You were captured by the very love they shared. Yes, sometimes love must be selfish…

  2. What a beautiful expression of the deepest love and devotion between two people that is so tightly intertwined that neither can live without the other.

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