If I told you

You will blush if I tell you what he did to me.

If I told you about the way he kissed me, his passion devouring my lips like fine chocolate, you would be okay, your face impassive, colorless.

Even if I told you about us falling into bed, hungry as wild animals deprived too long from succulent, wild kill, you would merely smile at the imagery.

But if I told you about the way he looked at me, with his eyes wide open and tender, with his heart fully on his sleeve, talking to me, loving me completely, you would blush because what came next obliterated everything rational.

It’s hard for me to tell you what he said, to actually say it without blushing myself, but you must know, I have to share this: “You feel like breathing,” he said.

This week’s word: blush

Lillie McFerrin

35 thoughts on “If I told you

    1. Sandra, I struggled with the voice, which surprised me. I guess our ability to manage and express passion is more difficult than it may seem…but then “Fifty Shades of Grey,” despite the purported poor writing, has managed to capture more than a few readers. Passion…a loaded subject.

      I appreciate your weekly visits!

    1. I always love your visits, Lisa, and I love how “five sentence fiction” writing can unlock that which is hidden.

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