Simple, shy, and unassuming, she was always shocked to read accounts of her escapades that described her as a “cold, calculated killer.” Though admittedly her world was a dark existence, devoid of deep, meaningful relationships, it was anything but dreary. The fact that plying her trade meant keeping out of sight during the day felt as natural to her as the habitual preparation required for every kill: better put, she loved her job.

Who could have guessed that the world could produce such a quiet, stunning creature so physically beautiful that her unwitting victims practically begged her to kill them? She had no shortage of suitors, it’s just that she couldn’t help devouring them at night.

Join the fun that Lillie McFerrin inspires with her “Five Sentence Fiction” prompts. This week’s word is “Night.” Hurry…you have through Wednesday to link up.

Lillie McFerrin


18 thoughts on “Assassin

    1. Oh this one was thoroughly enjoyable to write. I have a fascination with spiders, and black widows in particular…so I was pleased I was able to find the pic in my archives. Thanks for sharing the post!

    1. Oh Sandra, you are missing the sheer joy of…ok, well, um I DO understand. It was only upon a quest to eradicate my fear of them that I fell in love with them…an odd thing I know. Thank you for coming by!

  1. I don’t like the 8 legged beasties as they come out at night and make me jump, scream and keep me on edge for the rest of the evening. However, I did like this, from her point of view, just going about her business. I just wish they would do their business somewhere else. xxx

    1. I do understand. As a child, I was frightened of “Daddy Longleg” spiders, but my mother assured me they couldn’t hurt me, and I was young enough to believe her. It would be decades, however, until I developed the ability to hold many of them, fascinated by their interesting shapes, colors, habitats, and ability to frighten such large creatures. Thank you for visiting!

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