By the time she noticed him staring at her, she had already done three stupid things, and was about to do a fourth.

1. She had picked her itchy left nostril.
2. She had vigorously scratched an unmentionable spot.
3. She had shifted her too-tight g-string panties back into place.

Just prior to adjusting her ample bosom, its creamy skin puffed up and over the top of her scoop-neck ‘T’ just like baked, over-filled muffins, she caught his eye, her mind suddenly pondering how on earth she was going to explain to the incredible and sexy Professor Kent what a nice, educated girl like herself was doing working at a place like Hooters, her face warming, then burning, into what she could only imagine was a violent shade of scarlet.

    This “Five Sentence Fiction” piece was based on Lillie McFerrin’s prompt: scarlet

35 thoughts on “Vanessa

  1. Vanessa need explain nothing. Professor Kent didn’t walk into Hooters hoping to give a lecture. More than one person lives inside each of them, and they have made the happy discovery that they share two of them. No scarlet faces, but smiles all around.

  2. Oh, mortification of a recognizable kind . . . .Then there’s the underlying touch of humor, which also brings a flush to the face. Of course, the sexy professor may have some explaining himself to do.

    1. I’m sure he will say that they make the best burger in town–that he had an undeniable craving–an itch that HE had to scratch as well!

  3. One word – BUSTED! Pity it was the sexy prof. who did the busting… Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…
    Great use of the prompt, Britton!

  4. Loved her point of view…but I’d love to know what he was thinking too… As with most of your writing, Britton, so visual and easy to empathise with (not that I’ve ever worked in ‘Hooters’)! Lovely!

  5. I only know ‘Hooters’ from one of Adam Sandler’s films but I’m wondering why she feels so shamed when it is he who has walked in in the first place and should explain himself? We all do things to make ends meet and hopefully this highly intelligent sexy man will undertsand this. Lovely piece which did make me chuckle. xx

    1. It’s the kind of discomfort one feels when stepping into shoes that don’t fit and are not your style. No one wants to be seen at these unfortunate moments. Perhaps, in this case, it’s more like being caught in your underwear!

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