La La Land

Do you ever have moments when you don’t fit in but wish you could? Like when someone tells a joke, and everyone is laughing except you? Or when there is a common bandwagon and you don’t hear the music? Do you ever wonder what the heck is wrong with you for not appreciating every good thing in your life, and for wanting more? Do you ever second-guess a desire because it feels self-indulgent? How about a crazy dream that involves mastering something you’ve never been good at-ever had one of those?

Well, guess what…this is Disneyland, and you can paint those teacups any color you’d like. Just for today, do not, for one second, let anyone tell you otherwise.



Photograph and content belong to the author/photographer, Britton Minor/The Jaded Lens Photography

13 thoughts on “La La Land

  1. The tea cups seem to be floating like the lamps. Nice touch.

    If you don’t hear the music everyone else hears, you have a great opportunity to hear the music only you can hear.

  2. You just described me to a “t”-cup. And you’re absolutely right–I can paint it any way I want! Thanks for reminding me of this because in my day to day life, I often forget the joy of Disneyland.

  3. The best thing was the way the photo slowly unfolded on my screen . . . Like magic. I somehow expect the teacups to start dancing if I stare long enough. And, yes, the green teacup has cast a spell on me — standing aside and center stage at the same time. You have not idea how I need this today. Then, again, maybe you do.

  4. Such a lovely picture … I’d felt like I didn’t fit in with my friends during adolescence. So glad that self-doubting period is over! Now I can concentrate on glowing as I please.

  5. What a neat photo Britt! Looking at it initially, it appeared to be delicate teacups on a tablecloth in the foreground, with the lights hanging in the distance. Once I knew it was Disneyland, the perspective totally changed. Almost got dizzy seeing it shift! So cool!

  6. Holy cow, you are so talented! That picture is fantabulous!! I love your blogs – they always make me think, even when it’s late at night and I didn’t know my brain could function anymore ; )

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