Sun god

My pulse rises as I pull into a spot at the curb, grab my camera, and scan the park for a place to capture the bursting sky. Another photographer and his lady offer me a prime bench seat. I sit down gratefully and begin to shoot, wondering if a Canonite would have been so generous with the real estate. I’ve heard about the rivalry between those who, like me, shoot with a Nikon, and those who prefer Canon–but have never experienced it.

I decide to play with exposure compensation, dialing it down in an attempt to capture the way the vibrant oranges are manipulating the grayish blue sea; casting shadows on the sailboats, whose skippers must surely be preparing to sacrifice their lives for the mere chance to party with the irresistible sun god.

A wave of peaceful satisfaction washes over me. Behind the lens, with an abundance of manual settings literally at my fingertips, I am participating in the way creativity mingles with reality, enjoying the unchoreographed dance of a spontaneous life.




Photograph is property of the author/photographer, Britton Minor

3 thoughts on “Sun god

  1. What a fine art form.

    As a Canon shooter with a Nikon background, I can tell you the rivalry is inconsequential to the wonder to be captured with either one — as you can see by the shot you just took.

  2. And on the subject of manipulation, I opened this link on my iPad, and, with the touch of a finger, I could make your glorious photo fill my screen. Magic takes many forms. And among the ironies here is that your ‘blog comeback’ photo reflects the essence of those breathtaking, mysterious moments on the edge of day and night.

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