I’m not sure why, but each and every time I take a freeway exit that has two choices, I get flustered. Directionally challenged? Sometimes. But here’s the mysterious part: even if I KNOW which way I am supposed to travel, I am still sidetracked by the alternate option. Supposed to be taking Brookhurst North? Well, what about South? That looks interesting too.

This is a silly discussion, I know…but it is leading me to some deep thoughts about my seeming inability, in general, to stay on task. I have decided that I am a bit like the Laura J. Numeroff/Felicia Bond characters in the delightful children’s book series that includes, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and other such tales about one thing leading to another. My own version might look a bit like this: If you give her a task such as washing the dishes, she will ask you for some dishwashing liquid. When she notices that the bottle is empty she will go to the garage for a new one, where she will notice that the cat box needs cleaning, which will then cause her to notice the smell of a wet, molding towel. After starting a hot load of laundry, she will of course have noticed that the dryer is full of clean clothes. As she dumps them on the couch, the doorbell will ring and the UPS driver will hand her a package. She will open the package to discover that her new lens has arrived. She will open it, of course, place it on her camera, and immediately begin shooting, which will of course lead her to view the pics on her laptop, which will naturally lead her here, to this photo blog, which will remind her that she needs something to drink, which will lead her into the kitchen, where she might notice that the dishes still need washing.

See what I mean?

6 thoughts on “Offramps

  1. Nailed it… with the hammer that was supposed to be in the garage, tripping over the shoe pile that now needed to be organized, which was missing a shoe that took me outside to find the hammer!

  2. Me too! Yet you say it so much better. Can I just tell you I thought I was the only one that got to the freeway choices and always stumble myself! I know which way to go and yet I am always thinking, “Wait, I know it is this, but what if it’s that?!”

  3. I like it – it’s a truth. One thing leads to another. The thigh bone’s connected to the ankle bone, and the ankle bone’s connected to the foot bone… and so on. This is how we make it through our days.

  4. I love your explaination of a clearly genetic condition. On the positive side, I find that it drives my curiosity and leads me to discovering more interesting things than I would if I were more singularly focused. Love your pix and thoughts mama.

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