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It’s 6 a.m., my teenager is up getting ready to head to work. Boss in town, lots of work to do, up early. “Mom, can you do my hair?” At that moment, you cannot believe how utterly wonderful these words sound. “He wants me to do his hair!” I shout to myself.

It’s just a bone (as in, “Somebody throw me a bone!”), and yet it’s everything. A teenager doesn’t openly say “I need you.” Truth be told, it’s quite the opposite…less is more (parent involvement that is) is their motto. Give me food and water, and shut the door on the way out…is more in line with what they are thinking (and then some). So, call me crazy but, “Mom, can you do my hair?” sounds a bit like the angels are singing in heaven…and they’re singing my song. It’s going to be hard to make myself wash the hair gel off of my fingers…