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Feeling Squirrelly?

I enjoy watching creatures. Insects, animals, humans; they are all fascinating. This squirrel was on a mission. There was a lovely picnic basket nearby, unattended. Three squirrels investigated, eventually tipping it over. Scurrying ensued. The sudden movement had frightened them. But they returned, undaunted. The loot was too tempting for them to ignore.¬†Watching these quick, resourceful, and inquisitive cuties filled me with peaceful pleasure. They didn’t seem to care that I was watching.

I wonder what others see when they watch me. I hope they see me smile, praise, laugh and encourage. But I know that sometimes they see my serious face, contemplating every detail of my life–as if the world will fall of its axis if I don’t. It won’t.

Sometimes a picnic basket and a few foraging squirrels is all I need to remind me how stunningly beautiful life can be…if only I will stop and notice. Today I will tip out the contents of my rich life and enjoy each item through the lens of simple appreciation. If you happen to see me, I will be smiling, broadly.

Picture is the property of Author/Photographer, Britton Minor