Just Weeds

If it hadn’t been for the wide open space; the five-thousand acre oasis requiring a two-hundred-twenty-five mile drive down a long, dusty, rocky, rutted road to get there, and a couple of laid-back neighbors who could not care less what I do with my land, I would have been busted a long time ago. But I have no time to ponder these blessings, this unexpected serendipity that has fertilized my dreams and nearly brought to fruition not only a near-lifetime of labor, but also the answer to the world’s most desperate prayer.

Today I will boast, yes boast, that all of my long-held beliefs have been true; that big-business, money-monging, greedy assholes are responsible for the unthinkable disease that permeates a planet that used to have–yes, I know this will sound unbelievable–green grass, fresh-grown vegetables, fruit trees taller than I, humans who stood over six feet tall, blue skies, a crashing, ebbing, flowing ocean (yes, I know this word is archaic), a cheese-ball moon (humor you can’t possibly understand), and children who could play in areas called “parks,” with structures built, not for work, but for play…pure, unadulterated, non-diseased, unbelievable freeplay.

Laugh if you will, but be among the shocked; those who will bow down, still open-mouthed, and beg for manna that could easily garner me god-like, heady praise, unlimited profit, and unthinkable power (Don’t be disgusted-I want none of it!), all for the simplest of cures; cures that could, if not for the political stand-still of two parties who choose being “right” over “doing” right, forfeiting peace in the process, eradicate cancer and a host of other diseases.

Today, an army of those who have trusted me, worked by my side, cast aside nay-saying family members and feigned death for this project, will march proud and strong; demonstrating and carrying the cure for cancer in their pocket, a cure that was right under our ignorant noses and only needed dirt, uncontaminated water (don’t ask!), sunlight (of which we barely had enough), and time until the perfect harvest.

Lillie McFerrin

This week’s word prompt was Harvest

17 thoughts on “Just Weeds

    1. Thank you, Sandra. This piece kept swirling around in my mind, re-inventing itself again and again; finally choosing my deepest longing.

  1. My patio garden, potted tomatoes and bell peppers, abundant nasturtiums, fragrant basil, mint, chives and parsley, and climbing squash all salute you! Great post.

    1. I am convinced that the more back yard eating we do (minus pesticides of course), the healthier we will become. I am smiling at my vision of your lovely garden. Thank you for visiting.

  2. This is deep and intense… lots and lots of food for thought! 🙂
    I love the tone of sincerity that permeates the piece!
    Wonderful writing!

    1. Thank you Michelle. One of my favorite parts of Five Sentence Fiction is the word party; our visits from site to site!

  3. The absolute beauty (and wonder) of this piece is the way it gives voice to something so much on your mind these days especially. In just five packed, passionate, extended sentences, you’ve transformed that wish you’ve written about (i.e., a cure for cancer) into an imagined reality.

    1. Thank you, Deborah. Amazingly, this did not occur to me until I had edited the piece six or seven times. Then I just sat back and marveled at the power of writing to get at our inner struggles and deepest longings.

  4. I love the narrator’s voice in this piece. A little snarky, kinda smug, very funny. Interesting message tossed in there. I think of Joanie Mitchell, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” nicely done.

    1. “Snarky” is one my favorite words! In life I am a fairly diplomatic person (think HR background), so it’s nice to experiment outside of my personal boundaries. Thank you for reading, enjoying, and commenting. I know this was a long one!

    1. Debra, thank you for this high praise. It does have a “Sun” feel to it…so I think I will give it a whirl. Warm, appreciative hug to you.

  5. I love that you used tomatoes for the picture…so many health benefits already, and you never know give it time…your piece could be prophetic! I really enjoyed your ‘voice’ here, a very thoughtful and poignant flash fiction!

    1. Lisa, thank you for reading my lengthy five. I do hope that we soon find the cancer culprits and then make the tough decisions to eradicate or minimize them. I believe that there is much already known on this issue–truth that gets suppressed because it threatens a handful or two of multi-billion dollar companies/industries.

  6. A sturdy indictment of a world in which free speech is equated with expensive speech, and the graspers run the show. I am smiling at you from above a bellyful of backyard snap peas and raspberries. Maybe we’ll live long enough to bury the suckers.

  7. Wow! You kicked some serious butt with this one, my friend. Way to work the prompt! Woo-hoo!

    Disease, like war, is big business. And the greed-mongers do not give up their ill-gotten profits easily.

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