Feeling Squirrelly?

I enjoy watching creatures. Insects, animals, humans; they are all fascinating. This squirrel was on a mission. There was a lovely picnic basket nearby, unattended. Three squirrels investigated, eventually tipping it over. Scurrying ensued. The sudden movement had frightened them. But they returned, undaunted. The loot was too tempting for them to ignore.¬†Watching these quick, resourceful, and inquisitive cuties filled me with peaceful pleasure. They didn’t seem to care that I was watching.

I wonder what others see when they watch me. I hope they see me smile, praise, laugh and encourage. But I know that sometimes they see my serious face, contemplating every detail of my life–as if the world will fall of its axis if I don’t. It won’t.

Sometimes a picnic basket and a few foraging squirrels is all I need to remind me how stunningly beautiful life can be…if only I will stop and notice. Today I will tip out the contents of my rich life and enjoy each item through the lens of simple appreciation. If you happen to see me, I will be smiling, broadly.

Picture is the property of Author/Photographer, Britton Minor

8 thoughts on “Feeling Squirrelly?

  1. I can almost watch a squirrel without thinking of my dog – smiling at the way she would watch and wait, then charge. If I could read her mind (and I believe I could), she’d be thinking — I’ll get you this time. Of course, she never did, and would stand barking at the tree the critter had scrambled up. And now, alas, with the dog gone, I’m left to smiling at their antics on my own. This photo so captures that animal sense of heightened alertness — the stillness that is anything but still.

    1. Yes, Deborah, that’s a perfect observation–the still readiness. This suddenly feels like a zen lesson…

  2. We have squirrel issues in our house that make them not so cute in our eyes. One of the little rascals broke in and caused all kinds of havoc. And my youngest son has had two different squirrels leap onto his face in our backyard. This, however, is a very cute squirrel picture.

    1. Yikes-Susan! That’s a horrible thing to have happen. I’ll bet squirrels are not your son’s favorite creature.

    1. Thanks, Jodi, for visiting my site. I too love to watch birds. This weekend, in the middle of a rainstorm, we had a slew of hummingbirds in and around the yard–more than usual. I guess they are rain lovers!

  3. Wow – I have never seen a squirrel this close – so cute. I thank you for the picture and the thought that we need to stop and take a deep breath and just enjoy life. When I let Ruby, our lab, out in the backyard, I just watch her check things out and I am so happy that I now do take the time. And if a squirrel shows up – Ruby is off. Just to chase. Never to hurt.

  4. Britton, this capture is stunning! It most definitely allows us to wonder what the squirrel’s perspective might be as it looks at us and what we’re doing. It’s the first time I see a squirrel this close up and she’s a beauty!

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