What Begins with the Letter “Bee”

Sometimes it is not enough to enjoy nature. Simply enjoying it means that we will still be prone to indulge any fears or natural prejudices we have. Spiders, for example, can evoke great fear in the bravest of men and women, while a small child may reach down and pick one up. Bees are feared by most, held by few. Gophers are conked on the head because their 14″ teeth (growth per year) can eradicate the roots we would like to keep. Unsightly weeds are plucked because they don’t fit our theme, or look pretty enough, or because they might just take over our carefully manicured lawn.

By now most people have heard that bees are in danger and may know that pesticides are the suspected culprits. Squirt, squirt, squirt, spray, spray, spray…keep those nasty critters away. We want our fruits, flowers and vegetables to thrive, to look good. No pests! Yay! We think we have succeeded when keeping our garden in tact is as easy as pulling a trigger, when in fact, the lever we pull is killing some of the creatures we need–literally need.

Without bees, for example, we die. It sounds alarmist, but it’s true. If you already know the truth, great. If you don’t, here is more information: http://www.nrdc.org/wildlife/animals/files/bees.pdf

I urge you to explore nature not only for its great beauty, but also because we live well because of its great provisions.

4 thoughts on “What Begins with the Letter “Bee”

  1. I’ve always been afraid of bees but reading your post has opened my eyes to how very little I know about them. I would never intentionally kill them, but I have been known to ask my Signficant Other to usher out the offending bee ASAP. However, now that my vision has changed, I hope to change my reaction to them. 🙂

  2. Britton, your post serves to remind us of the importance of really assessing our actions before we actually act. Many times we do things without evaluating how these can affect others. I’ll be honest–I’ve always been afraid of bees, has to do with the fact that I was stung when I was a child–but I’ve never killed a bee. Or any insect for that matter. If a critter makes its way into our house, I ask the Signficant Other to trap it in a jar and release it. 🙂

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